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Heleot brings you the best information to help you make better, more informed purchasing decisions. We’re able to do that by creating a system and community where consumers help each other share practical and carefully curated information on products they actually own and use via short, 30-second videos. 

Discover amazing products, avoid buyer’s remorse and returns, and save time and money. Shop with confidence with Heleot.

How it works

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A catavlog is like having your own digital catalog of your vlogs for your fans to follow and subscribe to.

Upload 30-second product reviews on tech gadgets, gaming and streaming related products that you’ve used to your catavlog.

(Don’t worry, our system will let you know if your video is too short or long)


1. Information on your research.
2. Information that you believe is most important.

3. Information that you wish you had before purchasing.

4. Information that will bring value to your viewers.

5. Your experience before, during and after purchase.

6. Or just your whatever thoughts you find relevant.

Tips and tricks

Make the information you provide easy to digest for your viewers by:

Customize Catavlog

1. You can organize your catavlog in sections after uploading 4 or more video logs.

You can section off your catavlog with categories like smartphones, gaming consoles, drones, brands, etc.

2. One Product Can Have More Than One Video.

3. Instead of trying to cram all your information into a single video, help your viewers find what they want by separating and organizing the information and title of each video.

4. Videos can also be in chronological order to show information of a product used in certain duration of time. (e.g. video games can be reviewed as you play, level up, updates on new maps and characters, DLC, or the durability of a product after being used for a period of time)

Avoid Static Information

The information you share about the product is up to you but remember to avoid providing details that a majority of your viewers already know or won’t understand, such as technical specifications.

This way you can use your 30 seconds more efficiently if creating only a single video for that product.

Be honest.
Be creative.

Be unique.

Be yourself.

Express yourself.